Joe’s Planning

Joes planning routes from 3 Feb

Attached are three routes that I’ve plotted from Tauton to LandsEnd. They take into account the overnight stops along the way. You might want to upload them onto our web site for everyone to look at.

Once we are all happy, I will work on them to produce gpx files that are much more detail/accurate. We need them for our GPS devices. The routes produced by ViewRanger are good enough for planning. But they are not fined enough for me. There are times when my Garmin tells me I should be riding 20 or 30 metres away from the road, in the middle of a field. Very annoying.

Taunton – Hatherleigh

Total distance: 56.95 mi
Max elevation: 764 ft
Min elevation: 49 ft
Total climbing: 3156 ft
Total descent: -2930 ft

Hatherleigh – White Cross

Total distance: 66.07 mi
Max elevation: 994 ft
Min elevation: 46 ft
Total climbing: 4236 ft
Total descent: -4170 ft

White Cross – Land’s End

Total distance: 53.51 mi
Max elevation: 535 ft
Min elevation: 3 ft
Total climbing: 3261 ft
Total descent: -3406 ft