00A – The (semi) Grand Depart

Well, the first of our group headed off today.

For many reasons, including how difficult it is to get 5 bikes on a train, we split into two groups for our trip to Thurso, where we are starting our journey. So, Joe, Rowland and Mike caught the train from Cambridge this morning, with Derek, Terry and Mikes wife Juliet to wave them off.

With changes at Peterborough and York, they were due to arrive in Inverness, for an overnight stop at around 8pm, however, they were passing the Dalwhinnie Distillery with many miles to go..

Derek and Terry are leaving tomorrow and are hoping to get to Thurso in 1 day, which will only work if all of the connections are made.  Wish us luck…🤞

Cambridge, before the Grand Depart

Dalwhinnie Distillery
Waiting for a connection in York